In Los Angeles, police shot and killed a black cyclist

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In the United States, another high-profile scandal is breaking out, related to the unjustified use of force by law enforcement officers against a black man. An African-American man, Dijon Kizzy, who was stopped riding a Bicycle because of an alleged driving violation, was shot and killed by two Los Angeles Sheriff’s deputies, who allegedly fired 15 to 20 shots at him.

One witness said that the police continued to shoot at the 29-year-old Kizzy, even when he was already lying motionless face down. The police, according to Reuters, said that the man hit one officer, dropping his gun. According to Los Angeles County Sheriff’s spokesman Lt. Brandon Dean, the semi-automatic pistol apparently fell out of kizzy’s pocket when He hit the police officer in the face. Dean stated that the officers opened fire when Kizzy made “a gesture that he was going to raise a firearm.” “Whether the firearm was actually in his hand, I don’t know those details because we haven’t yet interviewed the sheriffs who were there,” Dean said.

The victim’s neighbor voiced her version. According to her, Kizzy and one of the officers “fought” over a bundle of clothes before the package fell to the ground. At this point, the woman recalls, Kizzy threw up both hands and shouted, ” I don’t have anything. What do you want? ” then turned to run. After that, one of the officers fired a wire stun gun at kizzy’s legs, and then two deputies shot Him.

On Tuesday evening (Wednesday morning Moscow time), hundreds of demonstrators took to the streets of the “city of Angels” to protest against the shooting of Dijon Kizzy. An angry crowd headed to the victim’s residence in the Westmont neighborhood on the southern edge of Los Angeles. This particular area of the city has become a hot spot for summer protests against police actions. “They (the police) don’t kill any race but us,” Kizzie’s aunt, Fletcher Fair, told reporters.