In the US, McDonald’s was accused of racial discrimination

Business Science World

Fast food chain McDonald’s was at the center of a high-profile scandal because of a lawsuit for a huge amount – 1 billion dollars. This is the possible amount of compensation demanded by 52 black Americans who previously opened establishments of this brand under the franchise.

According to the Wall Street Journal, the plaintiffs claim that the parent company deliberately discriminated against black restaurant owners in the United States on racial grounds. This was reflected in the requirement to open catering outlets in “non-standard and unprofitable locations”, which negatively affected the profitability of the business. In addition, African-American restaurateurs were overcharged for insurance. These and other factors led to the fact that such businesses went bankrupt more often than other restaurants of this brand, because their profit was 700 thousand dollars a year less than the average in the United States.

It is noted that the lawsuit was filed last Monday in the city of Chicago in the district court of the Northern district of Illinois.

As Forbes reminds, these are not the first claims filed in court against the company by African-Americans. Earlier, the company’s lawsuit was filed by two black top managers, who claimed infringement of their rights. Later, the restaurant chain’s Executive Director, Chris Kempinski, acknowledged the need for more work to improve “racial equality” within the company. At the same time, he recalled that it has created more millionaires among blacks than any other American firm.