They finished off the dead man. In the US, a new wave of protests is brewing after another murder of an African-American by police

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No sooner had the storm of protests against police violence in the us Kenosha (Wisconsin) subsided, as the already” on edge ” activists fueled a new case. In the South of Los Angeles (California), employees of the local Sheriff’s office during the arrest literally riddled with bullets an African-American-29-year-old plumber Dijon Kizzy, who, according to friends, was visiting friends.

In Los Angeles, hundreds of people on the streets are demanding to punish patrolmen who shot a black man. Photo: Gettyimagesin Los Angeles, hundreds of people on the streets are demanding to punish the patrolmen who shot a black man. As the US presidential election approaches, such twin-brother incidents are no longer limited to fighting police violence or racial discrimination. Given how these issues have electrified society in recent months, they will be one of the determining factors for the outcome of the election. Not for nothing on Tuesday, President Donald trump personally came to Kenosha, which was raging all last week, where he harshly criticized the rioters and confirmed the course on “law and order”.

Commenting on the incident in Los Angeles, a spokesman for the Sheriff’s office, Brandon Dean, said that two patrolmen saw a cyclist violating traffic rules, although he did not specify which ones. They turned to him, but he threw the bike and began to run away. The patrolmen gave chase, and when they caught up with the fleeing man, he hit one of them in the face. After that, Kizzy dropped the bundle of clothes he was holding. The patrolmen saw it as a semi-automatic weapon. Between 10 and 20 shots were fired, and the patrol’s cannonade continued even after the African-American lay dead on the road. The incident was partially caught on camera and occurred in broad daylight in a residential area, in front of many witnesses.

The death of Kizzy infuriated local residents and activists of the movement “black Lives matter.” On Tuesday, several hundred people protested outside the County Sheriff’s office late into the night for the second day in a row, demanding to reveal the names of the patrolmen who used weapons, arrest them and put them on trial. There were no riots, but the exchanges between protesters and law enforcement were heated.