Zuckerberg has allocated 300 million dollars for safe elections in the United States

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Amid the coronavirus pandemic, Facebook CEO mark Zuckerberg and his wife, Priscilla Chan, spent $ 300 million to ensure the security of the US presidential election in November 2020.

Foeti money will be sent to two organizations, Interfax reports, referring to the Hill. One of them will receive $ 250 million to hire and train polling station employees, as well as to purchase the necessary equipment, and the other will distribute $ 50 million in different States to improve election security.

Zuckerberg expressed concern that ” the us election infrastructure is facing a lot of challenges this year because of COVID-19.” According to him, the need for contactless voting has increased.

Earlier, Zuckerberg sharply criticized US President Donald trump and his administration for the” inadequate ” response of the Federal government to the coronavirus pandemic. According to the Facebook founder, such a large number of infected and dead people could have been avoided if the administration had responded to what was happening in time and conducted “adequate testing”.

According to the latest data, more than 6.2 million cases of coronavirus infection have been recorded in the United States. The number of deaths is almost 189 thousand.